OUR MISSION


It is the mission of The Southern Michigan ParaNormals to help individuals and the community as best we can. We will never charge for our services and will not ask for donations relative to our research or investigation. We do this work because we care and we want to help those experiencing this phenomenon through our research and documentation or  simply; education and piece of mind.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! The Southern Michigan ParaNormals, will strive to bring  credibility and legitimacy to the world of paranormal studies by dedicating time and energy into unveiling the mysteries of the unknown.  We will strive to uphold the highest  standard of ethics and honesty and to conduct our studies professionally without bias or judgement.


Founded in 2008 as The Southern Michigan Paranormals and our goal was to provide honest and professional investigative services to all accepted cases. As a whole, we  are dedicated to finding the truth through fact. We will present only the information that meets our strict standard of scrutiny,  research, and non-biased examination of data collected during our investigations. We are committed to exposing  all frauds and abuse by individuals or groups in an effort to protect the integrity of the field of paranormal investigation.

In 2018 We merged with The Michigan NightStalkers Paranormal group in order to better serve our clients and our goals.

The Southern Michigan ParaNormal NightStalkers work closely with many local city, county, and statewide Historical Societies.  We have also worked with the HPN (Historical Preservation  Network) in an effort to help raise awareness of the value of  historical preservation.  In the process, we are able to form the relationships that provide many opportunities to assist in answering questions and further an opportunity to provide investigatory assistance in the paranormal realm. These relationships have also granted SMP the ability to participate in community based fund-raising projects supporting the cause of historical preservation. While providing our investigatory services free of charge, SMP has separate business ventures that help to fund the groups travel and equipment needs.

SMP also hosts many paid events and fundraisers throughout the year. We host paid guest ghost hunts, conferences, and have participated in non-paranormal fundraisers for “The American Cancer Society” and “The MS Foundation”.




Dan Holroyd

Founder / Owner / Lead Investigator


Bob Penny

Co-Founder / Lead Investigator

Deb Bresnahan

Lead Investigator


Samantha Holroyd

Swnsative-Lead Investigator


Lynn Feek


Christopher Jenkinson



Jason Griffith



Elise Holroyd


Jennifer Griffis




Noah Machin


Shane Feek